German/Australian Freya Jobbins is a South West Sydney contemporary artist based near Picton NSW.  Her practice includes assemblage, collage, installation photography and printmaking. Freya’s work has often been described as provocative, humorous and disturbing and can seduce and repel at the same time, giving her art practice a powerful uncompromising tenor.

“My works are based on appropriation, re-contextualisation and the subversion of pre- existent objects, exploring contemporary gynocentric narratives of the human condition, notions of identity, aesthetics, motifs and her own dissimulation through various media, compelling us to look beyond the literal.”

Exhibiting in over 30 group shows in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. With 5 solo shows, most recent solo show in 2020 at Wagga Wagga and Goulburn Regional Galleries.  Freya has had her work exhibited internationally in New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Tel-Aviv, Austria, Belgium and recently in  England. She has had commissions from collectors in Australia, Spain, USA, England, Abu Dabi, Germany, Italy, and Norway.