Artist Biography

I am a Tasmanian artist and graduate of the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania.

I create large scale photographs, with a focus on portraits, to evoke an immersive, intimate environment.

I am dealing with issues that I directly face in my own life, and the work is developed inside my real-life environment, and circumstances. My work explores the threshold and tenuous grip we have on life, dealing with the tensions of shifting self-identity and loss of place.

I am exploring an innovative approach that mixes cinematic lighting with real-world environments. I take my photographs outdoors, in the elements of nature, through this I aim to further evoke the fragility of our existence, and the ephemerality of light and day.

I employ ambiguity, working with an implied narrative across a series of images that is activated through the relationships that emerge between the images. Gaps become meaningful therefore what is hidden is just as important as what is shown.


Artist CV